Finnish Catalysis Society which was founded 1988 is one of the divisions of the Association of Finnish Chemical Societies. The Catalysis Society has about 120 members and some company members. The aim of the society is to spread information about catalysis, to organise meetings and conferences and to act as a link between people, who are professionally active in the field of catalysis.

The Society has an annual meeting and it organises an annual seminar, where a hot topic in catalysis is presented and discussed. The Society takes part in the activities of Nordic Catalysis Society and European Federation for Catalysis (EFCATS). Every eighth year, the Society organises Nordic Symposium on Catalysis on Finnish soil. The latest symposium was held in Oslo, Norway.

The annual meeting elects a board to the Society. In 2019 the chairperson of the board of the Finnish Catalysis Society is
Prof. Henrik Grenman (Åbo Akademi University).

Professor Karoliina Honkala (
University of Jyväskylä) and Prof. Riikka Puurunen (Aalto University) are the Finnish representatives in EFCATS. The Finnish representatives in the Nordic Society of Catalysis are Prof. Ulla Lassi (University of Oulu) and Prof. Henrik Grenman (Åbo Akademi University).

The Society publishes a membership letter (KATSE) about two times/year. The Society supports the participation in international conferences (Nordic Symposium on Catalysis, EUROPACAT, International Congress on Catalysis) by giving travel grants to the members. In addition, every three years a reward for an outsanding Ph.D. thesis in the field of catalysis is granted.

To become a member of the Finnish Catalysis Society, please complete the membership application.The annual membership fee is 15 euros. Alternatively, there is a possibility to pay 150 euros for becoming a lifetime member. For industrial enterprises the annual fee is 250 euros.

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The Board of Finnish Catalysis Society