2nd Finnish Young Scientist Forum on Catalysis on 24th of March, 2017

The Young Scientist Forum is here again! This year the symposium will be organized in Nikolainkulma, Jyväskylä on 24th of March, 2017, in connection with the annual meeting of the Finnish Catalysis Society. In the one-day event, doctoral students and companies are invited to present their research in oral talks, and engage in lively discussion. Contributions from all sub-fields of catalysis are very welcome: homogeneous, heterogeneous, enzymatic and polymer catalysis; presentations covering aspects from theoretical chemistry to material science and chemical engineering. After the symposium, the annual meeting of Finnish Catalysis Society will take place. All PhD students, their supervisors, and other researchers in the field of catalysis in Finland are cordially welcome!
Set the date in your calendars and visit the web page for more information.

2nd Young Scientist Forum, Jyväskylä, 24th of March, 2017

Katalyysiseuran matka-apurahat 2017 / Travel grants of the Finnish Catalysis Society in 2017

Vuonna 2017 Suomen Katalyysiseura jakaa matka-apurahoja nuorille tutkijoille, jotka pitävät esityksen 13th European Congress on Catalysis (EUROPACAT 2017) –konferenssissa. Vapaamuotoiset hakemukset toimitetaan osoitteeseen anna.valtanen@oulu.fi 14.4.2017 mennessä. Apurahan saajille ilmoitetaan asiasta henkilökohtaisesti.

In 2017, the young scientists having a presentation in 13th European Congress on Catalysis (EUROPACAT 2017)–conference are invited to apply for travel grants. The applications should be sent to anna.valtanen@oulu.fi by 14th of April, 2017. Recipients of grants will be informed personally.

The fourth Doctoral thesis award of the Finnish Catalysis Society to Marko Melander

Marko Melander was selected as the award winner of the fourth Doctoral Thesis award of the Finnish Catalysis Society. He defended his thesis in Aalto university in August, 2015. His thesis is entitled "Reactivity of Iron Nanostructures from Density Functional Theory". The Catalysis Society warmly congratulates Dr. Marko Melander!


Prof. Outi Krause and Prof. Riitta Keiski as Honorary members

Professor Outi Krause (Aalto university) and Professor Riitta Keiski (University of Oulu) were nominated as first Honorary members of the Finnish Catalysis Society due to their distinguished work in the field of catalysis.

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