YSF2023 - Finnish Young Scientist Forum for Catalysis



Watch Riikka Puurunen presentation:  Puurunen Slides & Video  (Password protected)


Friday, March 31, 2023 at University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus



Young Scientist Forum 2023 Joensuu

The Young Scientist Forum 2023 is held for the first time in the capital of North Karelia, Joensuu. The symposium is easily accessible event for young researchers to present their catalysis related research and to network with the other researchers in the field of catalysis in Finland. Contributions from all sub-fields of catalysis are very welcome: homogeneous, heterogeneous, enzymatic and polymer catalysis; presentations covering aspects from theoretical chemistry to material science and chemical engineering.


The scientific programme includes keynote lectures, oral presentations and a poster session. The annual meeting of the Finnish Catalysis Society will be held in the symposium facilities after the presentations. The evening will continue with relaxed networking over a dinner in restaurant Filipof at the Joensuu city center. Before the scientific programme, there is an opportunity to enjoy a small breakfast and have a guided tour of the facilities of the department of chemistry.


All PhD students, their supervisors and other researchers in the field of catalysis in Finland are cordially welcome!

Please register for the event at the latest on 28th of February 2023. Provide the title of your presentation and few highlights in the registration form in the following link:


Registration has now closed!



University of Eastern Finland - Joensuu campus


Joensuu is the capital of North Karelia and a lively university town. Out of 74 000 people, approximately 20 000 are students. University of Joensuu was established 1969 and it merged with University of Kuopio in 2010 to form University of Eastern Finland (UEF). This multidisciplinary university has four faculties and over a hundred major subjects. The YSF2023 will be held in the Metria building, which was completely renovated by 2018. Metria houses several departments including the Department of Physics and Mathematics, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Geographical and Historical studies, as well as the newly opened Center for Photonics Sciences.


Metria, Yliopistokatu 7 – Google maps


The registration fee is 50 euros. Please pay the sum to the following account of Finnish Catalysis Society: Nordea Bank Account FI08 1107 3000 6085 17. As an invoice reference please use "YSF 2023 {Your First Name} {Family name}" The fee covers the attendance to breakfast, lectures, lunch at the symposium venue, poster session, and evening dinner.




Final programme here: pdf



Keynote speakers:


Dr. Teuvo Maunula, Dinex Finland

Tentative title
”Emission catalysts and purification systems for future fuels and combustion exhaust gases”


Associate Professor Riikka Puurunen, Aalto University

Tentative title
“What are preprints, where to publish open data/open code? On recent progress of scientific publishing forums”


Associate Professor Anna Lähde, University of Eastern Finland

Tentative title
“CO2 capture and utilization”






            FUTURA building
  • 8:45 Breakfast and a tour at the Department of Chemistry 
  • METRIA building 
    10:05 Welcoming address (M102) 
    Session 1 
    Session chair: Niko Heikkinen (VTT) 
    10:15 KL1 Dr. Teuvo Maunula (Dinex Finland) Emission catalysts and purification systems for future fuels and combustion exhaust gases 
    10:45 OP1 Dr. Petra Vasko Hydroboration of Alkynes by an FLP: Unexpected Bond Activation and Mechanistic Studies 
    11:00 OP2 Emma Verkama Supported noble metal catalysts for the simultaneous hydrodeoxygenation and hydrodenitrogenation of amides: influence of the catalyst composition 
    11:15 OP3 Ramin Majidov Short summary of my MSc thesis work: "Sustainable feedstock to Methyl Lactate using Y zeolites" 
    11:30 OP4 Luca Mastroianni Comprehensive reverse flow reactor model for fluid-solid systems 
    11:45 OP5 Blaz Horvat Synthesis of Zeolites from waste combustion fly ash and characterization via SCR 
    12:00 Lunch at restaurant Pepe (METLA building) 
    Session 2 
    Session chair: D.Sc. Pasi Tolvanen (Åbo Akademi)
    13:00 OP6 Matias Alvear Epoxidation on titanium silicates catalyst: From active site to reactor understanding 
    13:15 OP7 Tommaso Cogliano 1H NMR-based analytical method: A valid and rapid tool for the epoxidation processes 
    13:30 OP8 Ole Reinsdorf Selective Oxidation of Glucose using Hydrogen Peroxide as an Oxidant: Effect of the Support, Metal and Structure Sensitivity 
    13:45 OP9 Christoph Schmidt AuPd catalysts for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in a trickle bed reactor 
    14:00 OP10 Dr. Francesco Sandri Novel halide-free strategy to promote the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide 
    14:15 KL2 Associate Professor Riikka Puurunen (Aalto University) Discussion on recent progress of scientific publishing forums: 
               What are preprints, where and how to publish open data/open code, etc. 
    14:45 Coffee break 
    Session 3 
    Session chair: Dr. Aitor Arandia Guitérrez (VTT)
    15:05 KL3 Associate Professor Anna Lähde (University of Eastern Finland) CO2 capture and utilization (Tentative title) 
    15:35 OP11 Florian Rathmann Plasmonic-catalytic nanoparticles as enablers for CO2 reductions under visible light excitation and mild conditions 
    15:50 OP12 Aku Lempelto CO2 Reduction to Methanol at a Cu/Zn–ZrO2 Interface via DFT Calculations 
    16:05 OP13 Mourad Elkailech CO2 methanation over raw material-based catalysts 
    16:20 Poster session (see list of poster presentations in pdf ) 
    Evening program 
    17:00 Annual meeting of the Finnish Catalysis Society (M105) 
    19:00 Dinner at restaurant Filipof (Torikatu 10, 80100 Joensuu)



There are several possibilities for accommodation within the walking distance from the UEF campus, for instance:


-Sokos Hotel Kimmel (next to the train station, ~2 km from campus)

-Lietsu (at Joensuu city center, ~1 km from campus)

-Johanssonin talo (at Joensuu city center, ~1 km from campus)

-Hotel Greenstar (at Joensuu city center, ~1 km from campus)

-Scandic Joensuu (at Joensuu city center ~1 km from campus)





Paavo Auvinen (paavo.auvinen(at)  University of Eastern Finland, Board member of the Finnish Catalysis Society


Docent Mika Huuhtanen (mika.huuhtanen(at) University of Oulu, Chairman of the Finnish Catalysis Society